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About XviD:
XviD is a well known video compressor application, prevailing in the market. It can optionally conduct encoding process, with MPEG 4 that majority DivX devices do not support. Few times, files encoded with B-Frames may not be able to show compatibility on DivX devices. For example, XviD stands by three distorted levels for its implementation of motion compensation. So, in such cases, encoding can adjust the compatibility of the player. This codec has the ability to decode the DivX’s output as it is an implementation of ASP standard. In few tools which support quantization, automation of the encoding is made possible.

Why XviD is the best option?
XviD stands out to be the best option when compared to others as XviD is supposed to be possessing the following features:
· Great control over minimizing the size of files, in such a way that the entire data will be fitted into a single CD.
· Advanced Compression features.
· An open source result, and is entirely legal content.
· Though it seems configuring is harder when compared to that of DivX, it is much popular and user friendly.
· Having DivX as the parental support, XviD is proven to be much used as it is free of cost, where DivX is not completely free. 

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